Best Presented Horse of the Day

This initiative endeavours to recognise the behind-the-scenes efforts of the all-important strappers. The best presented horse will be selected at each of Bunbury’s race meetings and the strapper of the winning horse will receive a $50 gift voucher.

3rd November 2020

Natahlia Moore

Captain Jack

12th November 2020

Charlotte Skerritt

Fear the Wind

22nd November 2020

Leon Joughin


25th November 2020

Eden Gardiner

Noble King

2nd December 2020

Campbell McCallum

Knowsey Bear

13th December 2020

Sarah Childs

Cooking With Gas

20th December 2020

Nick Benson

Nobel Star

30th December 2020

Natahlia Moore

Frequent Friar

3rd January 2021

Julia Larking

Flying Target

13th January 2021

Toni O’Hara


26th January 2021

Julie Mitchell

Paddy’s Art

17th February 2021

Jim Enright

Natural Airchief

25th February 2021

Hanna Holdsworth


6th March 2021

Rhys Mclearie

The Big Show

11th March 2021

Emily O’Hara

Kia Ora Star

21st March 2021

Nathan Turvey & Maddi Coles


31st March 2021

Jayden Lyall


7th April 2021

Katie Lally

Scorpion Stormz