Best Presented Horse of the Day

This initiative endeavours to recognise the behind-the-scenes efforts of the all-important strappers. The best presented horse will be selected at each of Bunbury’s race meetings and the strapper of the winning horse will receive a $50 gift voucher.

13th October 2018

Natika McHarry
Fly Away Pete

21st October 2018

Brittany Harvey
Amelie Argot

1st November 2018

Donna Riordan
Nun Too Savvy

6th November 2018

Nadia Bishop
Bodega Beau

14th November 2018

Brett Drury
Sweet Dreamin’

25th November 2018

Hayden Hodgkinson
Lipstick Flickers

29th November 2018

Sophie Ahmat
Sentimental Friend

5th December 2018

Julie Mitchell
Just Too Hot

16th December 2018

Bethanie Keedwell
My Fair Lady

23rd December 2018

Nyssa Folgiv
Champagne Gal

1st January 2019

James Stewart
Devoted Star

13th January 2019

Bethany Rainbow
Swanky Lass

16th January 2019

Kate Kersley
Under The Sombrero

28th January 2019

Melissa Wilson
Miss Rumour Mill

3rd February 2019

Kristo Sardelic
Angelic Ruler

14th February 2019

Jason Smith
Double The Pro

6th March 2019

Ryan O’Connor
Stairway to the Moon

10th March 2019

Ritchie Finger
Fathoms of Gold

24th March 2019

Ellie Ann Shadbolt
Vital Glance

28th March 2019

Cooper Casey
Bringon The Venue

11th April 2019

Jason Reid
Clappa Thunder