Bunbury Track Redevelopment

The civil works for the Bunbury Track Redevelopment commenced in June 2021.

The upgrades at Bunbury include:

  • New Course Proper (All-weather Turf) – 20m wide
  • New Training Track (Sand/Fibre) – 17m wide
  • New Drainage across both tracks
  • New Irrigation System across all tracks (including the realigned jog track)
  • New Horse Stalls

This round of work does not plan to upgrade the grandstand or customer facilities; this project is exclusively for upgrading the racing infrastructure at the Bunbury Turf Club.

CLICK HERE to watch the timelapse progression of the project


What happens when we return to racing?

The shutdown will be tough on local trainers, but the end result will ensure their future long-term in racing at Bunbury. The track redevelopment will allow us to provide year-round racing at Bunbury.  The upgraded training track will provide a safe consistent surface all year round for local participants and will have the ability to host barrier trials and jump-outs.

Local trainers will have race meeting being spread more evenly throughout the year and the perceived disadvantage of being a Bunbury trainer will be diminished. The track will have a capacity for 35 race meetings a year but in the short to medium term the club will continue to race 21 times a year.

This project will be a shot of confidence for the entire industry and will ensure we retain current participants and be a strong alternative for those considering relocation. Just as importantly, this project will offer an attractive proposition for new entrants to start their careers in racing.